Lh with love and hisses
Lh with love and hisses poster

With Love and Hisses is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 28 August 1927.


A platoon of reservists are more interested in spending time away from their wives, than serving their country. Slow-witted army private Cuthbert Hope (Laurel) makes life miserable for his gruff Top Sergeant Banner (Hardy), who in turn disappoints Captain Bustle, whose ire rolls back downhill.

After a hot and dusty march, they come to a shaded creek and strip for a recreational swim. Stan is on look out and guarding the clothes, but instead strips and dives in too. Oliver’s cigarette stub ignites the entire pile of uniforms. Naked, they must deal with cacti and killer bees. When a group of women come by, they hide behind a billboard for Cecil B. DeMille's The Volga Boatman.


  • Stan Laurel - Cuthbert Hope
  • Oliver Hardy - Top Sergeant Banner
  • James Finlayson - Captain Bustle
  • Anita Garvin - Superior officer's girlfriend
  • Chet Brandenburg - Soldiering rookie
  • Frank Brownlee - Maj. Gen. Rohrer
  • Josephine Dunn - Girlfriend
  • Jerry Mandy - Soldier with voracious appetite
  • Frank Saputo - Soldier
  • Eve Southern - Superior officer's girlfriend
  • Will Stanton - Soldier sleeping next to Hope
  • Charlie Hall - Soldier