Lh unaccustomed
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Unaccustomed As We Are is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 4 May 1929. This was their first sound film, though others had been released with accompanying synchronized soundtracks for theaters wired for sound.


Ollie brings Stan home for dinner. This surprise angers Mrs. Hardy, who storms out in a huff. Mrs. Kennedy, a neighbor from across the hall, offers to help the boys cook dinner, and they, in turn, help to set her dress on fire. Mr. Kennedy, a cop, returns home and the boys hide Mrs. Kennedy, dressed only in her slip, inside a trunk. Unaware that his wife is within earshot, Mr. Kennedy starts bragging to the boys about his "technique" in extramarital liaisons. His furious wife then confronts him about it before giving him a bit of her own technique, throwing everything within range at him. Next door, Stan, Ollie, and Mrs. Hardy continue eating while trying to ignore the crashing, banging, and shouting coming from the Kennedys' apartment. When the noise eventually stops, Mr. Kennedy arrives, battered and bruised. He leads Ollie out and beats him. He comes back for Stan, but his wife has not finished with him yet. She comes out of their apartment wielding a gigantic vase and, despite Mr. Kennedy's efforts to protect himself, she crashes it over his head, putting him out for the count. Having evaded a beating, Stan then leaves as though nothing has happened, but falls down the stairs. Ollie watches and flinches with every thump until he lands at the bottom with a loud crash.



  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Edgar Kennedy as Officer Kennedy
  • Mae Busch as Mrs. Hardy
  • Thelma Todd as Mrs. Kennedy