Lh them thar hills
Lh them thar hills poster

Them Thar Hills is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 21 July 1934. The story is continued in Tit for Tat.


On the advice of a doctor, Stan and Ollie travel to the mountains in order for Ollie to recover from gout. They park their travel trailer near a deserted cabin recently occupied by a gang of moonshiners who had been ousted by Prohibition authorities. The moonshiners, attempting to hide the evidence, had dumped their brew into the well, from which Stan and Ollie drink, thinking that it is healthy mountain water, remarking "that odd taste is just the natural iron in the water."

A motorist couple who have run out of petrol arrives and asks for help. While the irritable and overbearing husband walks back to his car with Stan's spare can of petrol, the man's wife, appreciating the boys' affable and respectful manners as a refreshing relief from her husband's crabby belligerence, willingly joins the boys for supper and some of the "mountain water." The husband returns with the car to find the three all roaring drunk. A "tit for tat" sequence culminates with the wrecking of the camper, Hall being tarred with molasses and feathered, with a toilet-plunger stuck to his forehead. Ollie then jumps into the well because his trousers are on fire. The alcohol in the water detonates, causing Ollie's explosive ejection, leaving him buried in the ground with his legs flailing in the air.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Mae Busch as Mrs. Hall
  • Charley Hall as Mr. Hall
  • Richard Alexander as Moonshiner
  • Eddie Baker as Officer
  • Bobby Burns as Officer
  • Baldwin Cooke as Officer
  • Bobby Dunn as Moonshiner
  • Billy Gilbert as Doctor
  • Sam Lufkin as Moonshiner