Lh the stolen jools
Lh the stolen jools poster

The Stolen Jools is a sound short film released 4 April 1931.


At the "Screen Stars Annual Ball", Norma Shearer's jewels are stolen. The police must find them and return them to her.


At the Police Station

  • Wallace Beery
  • Buster Keaton
  • Jack Hill
  • J. Farrell MacDonald
  • Edward G. Robinson
  • George E. Stone

The Law

At the Victim’s House

  • Our Gang: Farina, Stymie, Chubby,
  • Mary Ann Jackson, Shirley Jean Rickert,
  • Echo, Wheezer, Pete the Pup
  • Polly Moran
  • Norma Shearer
  • Hedda Hopper


  • Joan Crawford
  • William Haines

On the Porch Swing

  • Dorothy Lee

At Breakfast

  • Victor McLaglen
  • Edmund Lowe
  • El Brendel

In the Hotel

  • Charlie Murray
  • George Sidney
  • Winnie Lightner
  • Fifi D'Orsay
  • Warner Baxter
  • Irene Dunne

At Lunch

  • Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey

In the Movie Studio

  • Richard Dix
  • Claudia Dell
  • Lowell Sherman

The Newsmen

  • Eugene Pallette
  • Stuart Erwin
  • Skeets Gallagher
  • Gary Cooper
  • Wynne Gibson
  • Buddy Rogers

The Detective

  • Maurice Chevalier

Under the Tree

  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
  • Loretta Young
  • Richard Barthelmess
  • Charles Butterworth

Couples at Home

  • Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon
  • Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay

In a Movie Scene

  • Jack Oakie and Fay Wray


  • George "Gabby" Hayes

The Midget

  • Little Billy (Billy Rhodes)
  • Mitzi Green solves the mystery


  • Joe E. Brown
  • Robert Ames
  • Bert Lytell


  • The film was co-sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes to support the "fine work" of the National Vaudeville Artists Tuberculosis Sanitarium.
  • It was retitled The Slippery Pearls in the UK.