Lh the second hundred years
Lh the second hundred years poster

The Second Hundred Years is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 8 October 1927.


Two convicts dig a tunnel to escape from prison, but, after making a detour around a burst water pipe end up in the warden's office. They disguise themselves as painters and walk out through the front gates. They later climb into a limousine carrying two visiting French police chiefs, steal their suits and throw the two men out of the car. Now disguised as dignitaries, the two convicts are driven back to the prison to have dinner with the warden. Later, while visiting the cells, they are recognized and marched back to their own cell.


  • Stan Laurel as Little Goofy
  • Oliver Hardy as Big Goofy
  • Charlie Hall as Convict
  • Jimmy Finlayson as Gov. Browne Van Dyke
  • Otto Fries as Lecoque
  • Rosemary Theby as Dinner Guest
  • Ellinor Van der Veer as Countess de Cognac
  • Dorothy Coburn as Flapper
  • Tiny Sandford as Guard
  • William Gillespie as Extra
  • Frank Brownlee as Prison Warden
  • Edgar Dearing as Officer
  • Charles A. Bachman as Officer
  • Bob O'Conor as Voitrex
  • Eugene Pallette as Dinner Guest