Lh bohemian girl
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The Bohemian Girl is a Laurel & Hardy sound feature film released 14 February 1936. It is a comedic version of the opera of the same name.


Stan and Ollie are a hen-pecked pair of Gypsies in 18th-century Austria. When Ollie is out pickpocketing, fortune-telling, or attending his zither lessons, his wife, has an affair with Devilshoof. A cruel nobleman, Count Arnheim, persecutes the Gypsies, who are forced to flee, and orders Devilshoof lashed. Mrs. Hardy in revenge kidnaps the count's daughter, Arline, and fools Ollie into thinking she is their daughter since he believes everything she tells him. She soon elopes with Devilshoof, and leaves Oliver and "Uncle" Stanley holding the toddler. Arline is too young to remember her old life.

Twelve years later, the Gypsies return to Arnheim's estate. When grown up Arline accidentally trespasses in Arnheim's garden, she recognizes the place and Arnheim's voice, but is arrested by a constable and sentenced to a lashing. Stan and Ollie try to save her, but Stan is too drunk and both are arrested. Just as Arline is stripped in order to be lashed, she is rescued in time by Arnheim, who recognizes a medallion she wears and a family birthmark, and both try to rescue Stan and Ollie. It is too late though. Stan and Ollie have already been worked over in the torture chamber. Ollie emerges stretched to a height of eight feet, while Stan has been crushed to only a few feet tall and the constable just stands yelling and moaning.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Julie Bishop as Arline as an adult
  • Darla Hood as Arline as a child
  • Mae Busch as Mrs. Hardy
  • Antonio Moreno as Devilshoof, Mrs. Hardy's lover
  • William P. Carleton as Count of Arnheim
  • James Finlayson as Finn, Captain of the Guard
  • Zeffie Tilbury as Old Gypsy Queen
  • Mitchell Lewis as Salinas, Gypsy Queen's advisor
  • Harry Bowen as Laurel and Hardy's first victim (the drunkard)
  • Sam Lufkin as Laurel and Hardy's second victim (the innkeeper)
  • Eddie Borden as Laurel and Hardy's third victim (the nobleman)
  • James C. Morton as the officer who arrests the nobleman
  • Harry Bernard as bell ringer
  • Thelma Todd as singer of "Heart of a Gypsy"
  • Felix Knight as singer of "Then You'll Remember Me"
  • Paulette Goddard as a Gypsy