Lh battle of the century
Lh battle of the century poster

The Battle of the Century is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 31 December 1927.


His manager enrolls Canvasback Clump in a boxing competition. Despite knocking out his opponent once, Clump is too weak, and loses. His manager then seeks advice from an insurer on how to easily earn a lot of money. If Clump has an injury, their insurance will pay. The manager places a banana peel on a sidewalk, and brings Clump there, but a pastry chef slips on it first, and gets angry. The chef throws a pie in his face, and he responds in kind, and soon the entire city block is involved in an epic pie battle.


  • An edition of the Guinness book on film history quotes that as many as ten thousand cream pies may have been used in the film's climactic pie fight.


  • Stan Laurel as Canvasback Clump
  • Oliver Hardy as Manager
  • Noah Young as Thunderclap Callahan
  • Eugene Pallette as Insurance agent
  • Charlie Hall as Pie delivery man
  • Sam Lufkin as Boxing referee
  • Gene Morgan as Ring announcer
  • Steve Murphy as Callahan's second
  • George B. French as Dentist
  • Dick Sutherland as Dental patient
  • Anita Garvin as Woman who slips on pie
  • Dick Gilbert as Sewer worker
  • Wilson Benge as Pie victim with top hat
  • Jack O'Brien as Shoeshine patron
  • Ellinor Vanderveer as Lady in car
  • Lyle Tayo - Woman at window
  • Dorothy Coburn as Pie victim
  • Al Hallett as Pie victim
  • Lou Costello as Ringside spectator (extra)
  • Jack Hill as Ringside spectator (extra)
  • Ham Kinsey as Ringside spectator (extra)
  • Ed Brandenburg as Warring pedestrian
  • Bob O'Connor as Warring pedestrian
  • Jack Adams
  • Bert Roach
  • Dorothea Wolbert
  • Charley Young