Lh slipping wives
Lh slipping wives poster

Slipping Wives is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 3 April 1927.


Artist Leon isn't showing much interest in his wife Priscilla, so she hatches a plan to win back his affections. Ollie plays the butler. Stan arrives at the door to sell paint and has a fight with Ollie. Priscilla employs Stan to "make love to her" and ensure Leon becomes jealous. Ollie has to wash and dress Stan and make him look presentable enough to fool Leon at a dinner party that night. Priscilla admits to Leon what she has done, and he pulls a gun to teach the 'home-wrecker' a lesson. Leon corners Stan and admits he's just acting to make Priscilla think he's really jealous. Ollie doesn't realize this and he chases Stan out of the house with a rifle. Ollie returns looking shaken. A police officer follows him and says, "You nearly blew my brains out." Leon and Priscilla hug.


  • Priscilla Dean as Wife
  • Oliver Hardy as Butler
  • Stan Laurel as Handyman
  • Herbert Rawlinson as Husband
  • Albert Conti as Hon. Winchester Squirtz