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Pardon Us is a Laurel & Hardy sound feature film released 15 August 1931.


During Prohibition, Stan and Ollie are sent to prison for concocting and selling their own home brew. They are put in a cell with "Tiger" Long, the roughest, toughest and meanest of all inmates. Stan has a loose tooth that causes a raspberry at the end of his sentences. Tiger interprets this as a coolly defiant attitude and is impressed because nobody else ever stood up to him like that. He and Stan become fast friends.

Stan and Ollie are assigned to attend prison school. A spitball meant for somebody else hits the teacher in the face and the boys wind up in solitary. The boys converse through the walls.

After a prison break, the boys escape to a cotton plantation, where they hide out in blackface and sing "Lazy Moon". When they attempt to repair the warden's car, they are discovered and are sent back to prison.

The prison authorities send Stan to the prison dentist to have the offending tooth pulled, but the dentist is incompetent and the procedure goes awry.

Tricked by a prison guard into calling off a hunger strike by being promised a Thanksgiving-style feast, they go to the mess hall, only to be served the usual drab fare. Stan causes a disturbance by protesting the absence of the feast, but is threatened by the guards. Soon after, as guns are being passed around under the tables, Stan sets off his gun and causes an uproar. They inadvertently break up the prison riot and the grateful warden issues them a pardon. Laurel unintentionally "razzes" the warden and they quickly exit.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • June Marlowe as Warden's Daughter
  • Wilfred Lucas as Warden
  • James Finlayson as Schoolteacher
  • Walter Long as Tiger
  • Tiny Sandford as Prison Guard
  • Charlie Hall as Dentist's Assistant
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