Lh me and my pal
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Me and My Pal is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 22 April 1933.


Ollie is preparing to wed the daughter of a wealthy oil magnate, Peter Cucumber. His friend, Stan, is the best man. While visiting Ollie in the morning, Stan reveals his wedding present – a jigsaw puzzle. The boys soon become preoccupied with the puzzle, as do other people – a taxi driver, Ollie's butler, a telegram delivery boy, even a cop. Cucumber is enraged at the delay at his daughter's wedding (especially after Stan has a wreath delivered to the reception), and makes his way to Ollie's house. The jigsaw puzzle is almost completed except for one elusive missing piece. The cop insists that no one can leave the house until it is found, including Cucumber. "I don't care if he's Mr. Dill Pickle", sneers the cop, unimpressed. A fight breaks out, leading to a police raid in which all are arrested except Stan and Ollie, who hide themselves. The puzzle gets knocked over in the mayhem. Ollie's telegram is from his broker, advising him to quickly sell his shares in The Great International Horsecollar Corporation, but a radio newsflash says the company took a tremendous crash and failed. Despite Stan's assurance that prosperity is just around the corner, Ollie angrily tells him to leave. As he leaves, Stan finds the jigsaw's missing piece, but before he can do anything more, a furious Ollie throws him out of the house.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • James Finlayson as Peter Cucumber
  • Marion Bardell as Bride
  • Eddie Baker as Policeman
  • Billy Bletcher as Police dispatcher
  • Carroll Borland as Bridesmaid
  • Mary Kornman as Bridesmaid
  • Charles McMurphy as Policeman
  • Eddie Dunn as Cabdriver
  • James C. Morton as Traffic police
  • Bobby Dunn as Telegram messenger
  • Charlie Hall as Delivery boy
  • Frank Terry as Hives the butler / announcer
  • Charley Young as Usher