Lh leave em laughing
Lh leave em laughing poster

Leave 'Em Laughing is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 28 January 1928.


One night Stan complains that he has a toothache. Ollie goes to the bathroom to get him a hot-water bottle and keeps stepping on a tack lying on the floor. When Stan gets the water bottle, the stopper comes loose and the water pours out in the bed. The two of them make much noise and the landlord comes in, telling them that they will have to leave first thing in the morning.

The next day, Stan is in the dentist's office, but is too afraid to get his tooth pulled. The dentist leaves and Ollie demonstrates how Stan should sit and not be afraid. Meanwhile, the dentist tells one of his partners that he should go to the guy who is sitting in the chair and pull his tooth out. Naturally, he pulls Ollie's tooth. When Stan is back in the chair, he knocks over a gas cartridge which makes everyone laugh.

Stan and Ollie leave the office and go to their car, still laughing.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Charlie Hall as Landlord
  • Edgar Kennedy as Cop
  • Dorothy Coburn, Viola Richard as Nurses
  • Edgar Dearing, Al Hallett, Sam Lufkin, Tiny Sandford as Dental patients
  • Otto Fries as Burly Dentist
  • Jack Lloyd as Dentist
  • Jack Hill as Irate Motorist (uncredited)


  • This film was remade as 1943's I Can Hardly Wait starring The Three Stooges.