Laurel and Hardy (Dell) 4 is an issue of the series of comic books from Dell Comics. Its issue date is September - November 1963 and its cover price is twelve cents.


Art Lubbers

Starring: Laurel & Hardy
Summary: While painting a chimney, Stan falls through the skylight, ruining an artist's masterpiece-in-progress, but the gallery owner loves it.

Pie Society

Starring: Laurel & Hardy
Summary: Stan and Ollie own a bakery and are hired to cater an important party. They bring a truckload of pies and cake to the mansion and begin to set up. Ollie accidentally drops the cake on his own head, but thinks Stan did it. He retaliates by throwing a pie at him, but hits an innocent bystander. A huge pie fight ensues. Even a passing policeman who stops to investigate takes one in the face. The boys beat a hasty retreat, but the police easily follow them with a trail of pies falling from the back of their delivery truck.

Muddling Mail Men

Starring: Laurel & Hardy
Summary: Stan and Ollie work as mail sorters, but make more chaos than order. Their boss reassigns them to drive sacks of sorted mail to the post offices. They mistakenly load a sack bound for California onto their truck and are determined to deliver it. They drive to Los Angeles in record time but crash into the post office. Fearing reprimand, they hide in some mail sacks and are shipped to Hong Kong.

T.V. or Not T.V.

Starring: Laurel & Hardy
Summary: After one day at television school, the teacher finds them a job to get rid of them. Anxious to be big men in television, they report as new cameramen. After interrupting a show in progress several times, the director reassigns them. Hearing they want to be big men, he makes them sandwich-board on stilts.

The Mysterious Purple Cave

Starring: Laurel & Hardy
Summary: Pedro dreams of a purple cave. He looks for it but can't find it. By accident, he finds a treasure map behind a painting which leads him to a purple cave full of treasure.

Krazy Kars

Starring: Kookie Koyote
Summary: Kookie wants to buy a new car so he borrows a haywagon and goes from farm to farm collecting junk to sell. The wagon gets away from him going down a hill and crashes into a wall. The junk and wagon assemble themselves into an antique auto, which a dealer buys on the spot. The irate farmers from whom Kookie "borrowed" the junk demand the money for their stuff. That night Kookie tries again. This time, his foot gets stuck in the wagon on the way down the hill, and the stuff lands creating a police wagon imprisoning Kookie.