Lh flying elephants
Lh flying elephants poster

Flying Elephants is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 12 February 1928.


In the Stone Age, the King Ferdinand of the cave people declares that all the males between 13 and 99 years of age must marry within twenty-four hours or face "banishment and death or both." Hardy starts looking for a wife, but is constantly clubbed on the head by their annoyed husbands. Eventually Hardy finds an available girl but doesn't realize that Laurel, with whom he has become friends, is already intending to marry this girl.

As both Laurel and Hardy pursue the same girl, this eventually leads to several contests to win the affections of the young bride-to-be. In the end, Laurel leads Hardy to the top of a mountain with the intention of pushing his rival to his death. He doesn't kick hard enough, but an angry goat finishes the job and butts Hardy over the cliff, allowing Laurel to go claim the girl.


  • Stan Laurel as Little Twinkle Star
  • Oliver Hardy as Mighty Giant
  • James Finlayson as Saxophonus
  • Edna Marion as Cavewoman
  • Dorothy Coburn as Gorgeous Wrestler
  • Viola Richard as Blushing Rose
  • Fay Lanphier as Blonde Cavewoman
  • Budd Fine as Hulking Caveman
  • Tiny Sandford as Hulking Caveman
  • Leo Willis as Fisherman