Lh duck soup
Lh duck soup poster

Duck Soup is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 13 March 1927.


A group of forest rangers are rounding up tramps to serve as firefighters. Laurel and Hardy take refuge in a mansion where the owner has gone on vacation and the servants are away. Hardy pretends to be the owner and offers to rent the house to an English couple, and makes Laurel pose as the maid. When the owner returns, he tells the would-be renters that he owns the house. Laurel and Hardy then flee, only to be caught by the rangers and forced to fight wildfires after all.


  • Stan Laurel as James Hives/Agnes
  • Oliver Hardy as Marmaduke Maltravers/fake Colonel Blood
  • James A. Marcus as Colonel Blood
  • William Austin as Lord Tarbotham
  • Madeline Hurlock as Lady Tarbotham
  • Bob Kortman as Forest Ranger McFidget
  • William Courtright as Colonel Blood's butler
  • Stuart Holmes