Lh double whoopee
Lh double whoopee poster

Double Whoopee is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 18 May 1929.


The staff at an upper class hotel are expecting a Prince. When his taxi arrives, tan and Ollie who walk into the lobby and are mistaken for the Prince and his Prime Minister. After signing the register, the boys hand the manager their letter of introduction, and are sent away to get into their work uniforms. As doorman, Stan closes the door of the cab on a blonde bombshell's skirt, which tears away as the cab leaves, revealing a killer pair of legs in black stockings.

The prince tries to enter the elevator just as footman Ollie summons it, and the prince falls down the shaft. For some reason the outer doors don't close and when the prince (who has been busy giving a speech) tries to step in, he falls into the elevator well. Oliver rides down in the elevator and disappears. The prince is pulled out of the well, all disheveled and dirty. He tries it again, but this time Stan summons the elevator, and he falls again.


  • Stan Laurel – Stanley
  • Oliver Hardy – Ollie
  • Jean Harlow – swanky blonde
  • Ed Brandenburg – bellhop
  • William Gillespie – hotel manager
  • Charlie Hall – cab driver
  • Hans Joby – prince
  • Ham Kinsey – cab driver
  • Sam Lufkin – man poked in eye
  • Charley Rogers – prime minister
  • Tiny Sandford – policeman
  • Rolfe Sedan – desk clerk