Lh do detectives think
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Do Detectives Think? is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 20 November 1927.


Judge Foozle sentences The Tipton Slasher to death. The murderer vows revenge on the judge. Following his escape, the judge engages a detective agency which sends its two least-skilled detectives, Ferdinand Finklebery and Sherlock Pinkham, to protect him. After many mishaps, the sleuths do manage to capture the murderer.


  • Stan Laurel - Ferdinand Finklebery
  • Oliver Hardy - Sherlock Pinkham
  • Jimmy Finlayson - Judge Foozle
  • Noah Young - The Tipton Slasher
  • Viola Richard - Mrs. Foozle
  • Frank Brownlee - Detective agency boss
  • Charles A. Bachman - Officer
  • Will Stanton - Slasher's pal
  • Charley Young - Juror
  • Wilson Benge - Butler attacked by Slasher