Lh berth marks
Lh berth marks poster

Berth Marks is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 1 June 1929.


A passenger train pulls into the station. Musicians Stan and Ollie, travelling to their next gig in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, manage to hop on board, but Ollie is annoyed that Stan left their music behind. They antagonize a very short man when they sit on him. Entering a private car looking for their berth, they frighten a woman who is dressing for bed. Her husband emerges, sees an innocent bystander, and rips his coat. The man, seeing another innocent man, proceeds to tear up his coat. This leads to a tit for tat of clothes tearing. Stan and Ollie spend most of the trip trying to change into pajamas and get comfortable in a cramped upper berth. By the time they sort themselves out, the train has reached their stop, and in their hurry to get off, they leave their musical instruments behind. The clothes tearing has spread through the whole train, and the conductor is stripped to his underwear and some rags trying to get through. Ollie furiously chases Stan and throws a rock at him.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Pat Harmon as Station master
  • S.D. Wilcox as Conductor
  • Eleanor Fredericks as Lady in berth
  • Harry Bernard as Passenger
  • Baldwin Cooke as Passenger
  • Paulette Goddard as Passenger
  • Charlie Hall as Passenger
  • Sammy Brooks as Short passenger